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Colorful Tile Wall



Here’s an idea of the majority of colors we have. We use a couple different balloon brands and they all offer their own unique colors, so if you are wanting a color thats not in the chart below let us know and we can usually find one, ALSO color matching is an option if you have certain shades you’d like for your event we can do our best to create a custom color for you!

A couple suggestions from us when choosing your colors:

Single color balloon garlands are gorgeous, and the different sizes of balloons offer tons of dimension!

We love the look of ombre and colorblocked garlands!

If you’d like to have multiple colors in your balloon garland we recommend picking a base color, and then adding 2-3 pops of other colors. Some colors look really pretty in a Pinterest palette, but not so pretty mixed as balloons.

balloon sizes.png
qualatex color chart.jpg
tuftex color chart.jpg
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